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Middle and High School Students

The teenage years are characterized by enormous change and personal growth.  While this time period is exciting, informative and incredibly impactful, it can often be tumultuous.  As individuals evolve and adapt to a variety of challenging experiences, including increasing work loads, ever changing complex social dynamics, newfound independence, and concerns about college and/or the future, they can often experience heightened stress, increased anxiety, and shifting moods.  

A therapist can help with the many challenges and transitions that teens confront during this life stage. Therapy provides a safe and supportive space where one can share their emotions and concerns, learn healthy coping mechanisms and strategies, and build confidence.

My practice focuses on empowering teens to live their fullest, healthiest, happiest life. In a partnership that respects the growing individuality of your child while keeping you appropriately informed of their progress, together, we will set your child up for success during these years and beyond.  

Young Adults

Young adulthood is an exciting time and it can also be quite daunting. Finishing college, entering the "real world", developing one's identity and handling more complex relationships are just a few challenges young adults face. They confront a search for meaning and direction,  yearn to establish deep social and romantic connections and are simultaneously optimistic and anxious about career progress.  This life phase is marked by desire to improve quality of life and establish a strong foundation for the years ahead.

In addition to addressing mood and behavioral challenges, my young adult practice focuses on helping twenty-one to thirty year olds hone in on what is most important to help them live the most satisfying, fulfilling and rewarding life.  Together we will work towards helping you find meaning, your unique version of "normal" and above all, happiness!  


In my adult practice, I specialize in helping my clients thrive and be happier by positively addressing challenges and stresses that result form everyday obstacles, complex social and romantic relationships, anxious thinking, work/life imbalances, marital issues, major life transitions and more.  As a solutions-focused therapist, I believe in establishing healthy and clear objectives and work closely with my clients to develop a concrete plan to achieve their goals. 


My approach will enable you to come away from your interactions with a new sense of confidence and empowerment to address issues and make smart decisions, putting you on a path to happiness and success!

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