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“Michelle is a true gift to me! I love our time together and she is incredible in helping me work through some difficult relationships and obstacles.  She is always supportive, understanding and encouraging.  I always feel so much better after our sessions.  She has given me the best tools and strategies to help me succeed and be happy.”  (College Student)


"Michelle has created such an open and supportive space to discuss thoughts that I had been so used to keeping to myself.  The knowledge that she has shared with me has allowed me to understand myself in new ways and become my best advocate." (Young Professional)

“I am so lucky to have Michelle as my therapist. Not sure I could get through high school without her.  She makes everything feel so easy. Talking to Michelle honestly feels like talking to a good friend who understands and makes it all so much better.”  (High School Student)

“Early in 2019 I found myself in the middle of an unexpected, unexplained health crisis. Scared, Michelle helped to counsel me through some of my darkest days.  Her strength of conviction, level-headedness and compassion were the driving forces that helped to keep me focused during an extreme level of distress; I am forever grateful for her resilience. Post-illness I continue to keep Michelle as part of my inner circle to continue to maintain a solid foundation and to help keep me balanced.”  (Mother, Wife and Career Woman)



“Michelle is the perfect mix of incredibly skilled and relatable which make her a powerful clinician. This process was unbelievably effective in helping me understand myself, set goals and thus achieve them." (Single, Career Woman)

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